BLÍ leitar af Afreksstjóra í fullt starf 2024

Job Title: High Performance Manager – Icelandic Volleyball Federation 

Location: Reykjavík, Iceland 

Job Type: Full-time, On-site 

Start date: January 5th, 2024  

About Us: The Icelandic Volleyball Federation (Blaksamband Íslands – BLÍ) is a small but dynamic and forward-thinking organization dedicated to the development and promotion of volleyball and beach volleyball in Iceland. We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced individual to join our team as a High-Performance Manager. If you are passionate about volleyball, possess strong coaching and administrative skills, and are ready to contribute to the growth of volleyball in Iceland, we want to hear from you. High Performance Manager reports to the General Manager of the Icelandic Volleyball Federation.  

Key Responsibilities: 

Coaching and Administration: 

  • Utilize your extensive experience in coaching and administration to enhance the overall performance of our national teams and clubs. 
  • Develop and implement coaching programs and strategies to improve coach´s development, player skills and team dynamics. 
  • Collaborate with coaching staff, players, and support personnel to create a high-performance environment. 

National Teams: 

Tournament Selection: 

  • Conduct thorough research to identify international and domestic tournaments suitable for the development of youth players. 
  • Evaluate tournament opportunities and make informed recommendations for participation. 

Player Registration and Documentation: 

  • Manage all aspects of player registrations during national team projects, ensuring that necessary documents, permissions, and travel arrangements are complete and compliant with regulations. 
  • Maintain meticulous records of player documentation, including passports, visas, and medical clearances. 
  • Establish effective channels of communication with parents and guardians of youth national team players and regularly relay pertinent information, updates, and expectations to parents, fostering transparency and trust. 

Player Development 

  • Work closely with players to set and monitor individual development goals, providing mentorship and guidance. 
  • Collaborate with physio therapists, nutritionists, psychologists, and other supporting staff to promote player´s health all year around. 

Youth development 

  • Take charge of coaching one or more of our youth national teams, focusing on nurturing young talent and fostering a solid foundation for the future. 
  • Identify and recruit promising young players, providing them with the guidance and support needed for their development.  

Training Camp Coordination: 

  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive schedule of training camps and workshops throughout the year, optimizing player development and team cohesion. 
  • Coordinate logistics, venues, and support services for each training camp. 

Recruitment and Coaching Staff: 

  • Take a proactive role in recruiting and hiring qualified coaching staff, conducting interviews, and making recommendations based on the needs of the youth and senior national teams. 
  • Foster a collaborative working relationship with coaching staff to ensure alignment with program goals and objectives. 

Non-affiliation with Local Clubs: 

  • Maintain a neutral stance by not affiliating with any local club as a coach, ensuring impartiality and fairness in the selection and development of players. 

Performance Analysis: 

  • Revise and continually update the five-year high-performance strategy and rigorously implement its provisions. 
  • Utilize data-driven insights and performance analysis to identify areas for improvement and implement appropriate strategies. 
  • Work with students doing a research study with the federation through university programs in Iceland.  

International Engagement: 

  • Represent the Icelandic Volleyball Federation at international volleyball events, conferences, and meetings. 
  • Foster partnerships and collaborations with other national federations to exchange knowledge and best practices. 

Budget Management: 

  • Oversee the allocation of resources and budgets for high-performance programs, ensuring efficiency and accountability. 
  • Collaborate with General Secretary with the yearly report of high-performance program budget concerning the Icelandic Athletics Association. 

CEV (Confederation European de Volleyball) School Volleyball 

  • Oversee communication with CEV regarding “Play Volleyball – Grow with it” project. 
  • Prepare year-round events with teachers and youth ages 8-13 according to CEV guidelines. 

Team building, leadership and promotion of the sport: 

  • Lead a team of dedicated coaches, trainers, and support staff, promoting a positive and high-performance culture. 
  • Putting together and publishing promotional materials regarding high-performance activities and development of the federation.  

And any additional potential high-performance tasks that may arise 


  • Substantial experience in coaching and administration of volleyball clubs or national teams. 
  • Proven track record of success in enhancing player and team performance. 
  • Fluency in English is essential. 
  • Willingness to work on-site in Reykjavík, Iceland. 
  • Coaching certifications and qualifications relevant to volleyball. 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. 
  • Demonstrated leadership and organizational abilities. 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. 
  • Passion for volleyball and a commitment to promoting the sport. 

How to Apply: Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume, cover letter, and relevant certifications to Please include „High Performance Manager Application“ in the subject line. Applications will be accepted until December 22nd, 2023. 

The Icelandic Volleyball Federation is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences. 

Join us in making a significant impact on the development of volleyball in Iceland and shaping the future of our national teams. If you have the passion and skills to drive high performance, we want you on our team!