Burkhard Disch til Ólympíusambands Lúxemborgar

Burkhardt Disch er hættur sem afreksstjóri BLÍ eftir 3 ára samstarf.
Burkhard Disch er hættur sem afreksstjóri BLÍ eftir 3. ára samstarf

Blaksamband Íslands þakkar honum fyrir góð störf í garð hreyfingarinnar. Hann tekur nú við nýrri stöðu hjá ólympíusambandinu í Lúxemborg.  

Hann segir þetta um starfið “It was an interesting and challenging period as HPM of BLI. Even though the pandemic caused a lot of stress, we managed to start the education line and I’m happy to see that courses for new coaches are running every season. The implementation of professional scouts helped to grow the DataVolley System and I am happy to see that most of the clubs are using the professional system to increase the level of their players. Another milestone for BLI is the CEV school project, which is one of the biggest in Europe. In cooperation with all clubs and schools this project powers up the new generation of players. In 2025, BLI will organize with our partners from Faroe Islands, the European Finals U-16 girls. Iceland is a growing country in the CEV and we can be very proud of the progress we have made. Now it´s time to give the lead forward. I am grateful for all the people I have met. I made a lot of friends for life and I will always keep an eye on this beautiful country and the development of BLI. Thank you all!